Answers to often asked questions

What is Good Deal?

Good Deal is a service for making secure transactions. We help buyers and sellers to guarantee the fulfillment of obligations on both sides without the possible risks of losing money or product

Who is the Good Deal service for?

The service for conducting secure online transactions is suitable for individuals and companies

Why should you trust our service?

Good Deal works in accordance with the Terms Of Use which regulates the actions of both parties to the transaction based on the legislation. The Good Deal project became a finalist in the business accelerator from Sberbank. To make payments, we use a reliable payment system that completely excludes the possibility of losing money

How is the deal going?

1. Registration and creation of a transaction. One of the parties to the transaction must register on the service. After registration, the user is asked to create a transaction by filling in all the necessary fields and describing in detail the transaction process, as well as specifying the partner's e-mail. The partner's e-mail will receive a letter confirming the terms of the transaction. The second party also goes through the registration process, gets acquainted with all the data about the product/service, as well as the process of their transfer / execution specified by the first party, and gives its consent to the transaction. 2. Payment. After approval, the buyer is offered to pay for the transaction. It will be redirected to the payment page. The deposited funds will be on the safe account of the "Good Deal" service until all obligations are fulfilled by the seller. 3. Sending product. If the subject of the transaction is a physical product, the seller performs the process of sending the product to the buyer. The method of sending is chosen jointly when agreeing on the transaction. 4. Confirmation of the conditions. The buyer confirms the receipt by checking the quality of the product/performance of the service. 5. Receiving funds. After confirmation of completion, the seller withdraws funds from the internal account of the "Good Deal" service. The transaction is considered completed

What is a dispute?

If the seller/buyer does not fulfill its obligations, each party has the opportunity to open a dispute at any stage of the transaction. Customers are invited to eliminate the subject of the dispute themselves through the Dispute Chat, or immediately contact the service administration, which, in accordance with the Service Rules, will help in resolving the dispute. All details are specified in the Terms Of Use

What is the commission amount?

It depends on the amount of the transaction. The commission varies from 5.5% to 9.9%. You can calculate the commission on the main page of the site, in the "Calculate" section

Who pays the commission?

When creating a transaction, the client can choose three payment options for the commission: payment by the seller, payment by the buyer and 50-50. If the commission payment is made by the seller, at the withdrawal stage, the seller will receive the transaction amount minus the commission amount. If the buyer pays the commission, at the product payment stage he will need to pay the transaction amount together with the commission amount. If the "50-50" option is selected, the buyer must pay the transaction amount taking into account half of the commission amount, and the seller at the withdrawal stage will receive the transaction amount minus half of the commission amount